Saturday, 22 October 2016

First cast

My first resin cast from the silicone mould. The pictures are awful but I will post new ones once I return to my parents where I used there green house to experiment with resin. This custom orgone uses stainless steel ball bearings and crushed labradorite, the lesson from this test is to more accurately calculate the volume of materials in order to achieve more even layers. Also don't leave the final pour of resin in the green house overnight as the activator evaporated and it wouldn't set, requiring a painted layer of activator.

Silicone Moulds

Here is a selection of silicone mould experiments, top left is from a hand cut wooden tetrahedron, bottom left is obviously a shell (I filled it in with polyfila to prevent the silicone going inside) and right is some small model parts. Finding the appropriate containers is important as the tetrahedron could have been done with a lot less silicone, the shell could have been placed on a raised platform to get a thicker set all around (top is very thin) and the small plastic parts were not properly sealed and leaked..........Learning curve!

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Painted Prince

Some detail shots of the painted Daemon Prince! I used simple techniques (alot of drybrushed layers) to build up the moldy look and used a gloss medium to emphasize all the gruesome bits. My stinkiest contact adhesive when applied with a tooth pick looks great as slime trails.

More kit bashing.

Being poorly was the perfect opportunity to make more toy soldiers. Here are a load more kit bashed models, top right are zombie/plague ridden cultists, top right is a dark apostle carrying a book so foul it has boils and slime oozing from the pages and bottom is a possessed chaos marine. It might be a while before I paint these as I am about to commit to some large scale freelance projects.

Kit Bash/Scuplt

A couple of work in progress shots of a Warhammer Daemon Prince I made last month. The model is kit bashed from various spare components with all the green bits being scuplted by hand using green stuff resin. I still have a lot to learn with sculpting but am happy with this guy and had a blast painting him........shots to follow soon!

Astrological perspective prototype

This is the what I came up with when thinking about the astrological procession and how the cosmic rays would connect! The patterns and the colours of the thread came out great my next step is to replace the ugly nails with something more aesthetically pleasing and produce a more practical display back. Message me if you are interested as I have a few interested clients and will be ordering the materials for the final pieces soon!

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Publicity Shot!

I'm excited to be exhibiting this model and other work next week from 6th July -9th July at New Designers 2016 Here photographer Evie Barker has shot my model side by side with David Litchfield's book.